Assignment 1

3 Things I Learned From the Codecademy Lesson "Introduction to HTML"

The World of Web Design

Web Design has always been something I am passionate about since I was introduced to it as a freshman in high school. The idea of being able to use code to create aesthetic, functional, and informative websites is inticing and I am excited to get to learn more about HTML and CSS this semester.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Web Designer

Average Pay

Web Designer salaries can range from 50K to 120k+ depending on the level of entry.

Where can I be a Web Designer?

Job offers for web designers can come from all over the U.S. as many companies rely on their website to bring in customers to buy their product. There are many web designer positions right here in the Dallas area, as well as Austin, TX. Washington is also a large hub for web designers, as it is home to large company headquarters like Nintendo and Amazon. Farther down the West Coast, the San Francisco Bay Area is also a large hub for web designers. Remote jobs are also avaliable as the bulk of building and maintaining websites takes place online.

About the Web Designer: Lynn Fisher


Lynn Fisher currently works as a web designer for Netifly. Ever since 2007, Lynn has been pushing the boundaries of CSS and web design, and is the creative mind behind A Single Div, which displays the power of CSS by drawing certain prompts using only CSS. I am inspired by her work as she refreshes her portfolio yearly to display the new knowledge she has accquired regarding the abilities of CSS, and she's not afraid to think outside the box! Many of her projects are niche, silly, fun, and downright genius through her amazing CSS skills. I love the idea of being able to create art and interactive pieces with code, and many of her past projects focus on this aspect.

Semester Project Idea

Besides web design, I am also incredibly passionate about nature photography and am never without my camera whenever I am hiking or visiting scenic places with friends and family. Over the summer I had the privledge to live and work in northern Michigan, which has the most incredible sunsets. I have compiled a sizeable sunset photo collection from both my Michigan adventures and from various other places, and I have friends from all over the country that see sunsets too! My semester project idea is to compile all of my sunset pictures into an interactive map of the U.S., with pins that can be hovered over to reveal the beautiful sunset picture taken there! I plan to also crowdsource sunset pictures from my friends (and classmates if they want to!) to really fill out my map and create a gallery of beautiful sunsets. If the interactive map proves to be too ambitious, I would like to create a pintrest-style grid that cycles through sunset images to create a big sunset picture image carousel where users can hover over pictures to see where and when they were taken, and include some metadata about the camera and composition of the photo as well. This may prove to be an ambitious project, but I am excited by the prospect of learning many new things and creating a beautiful collection of nature photographs!