Assignment 6

Wireframes Reading Questions

What are the advantages and disadvantages of sketching wireframes over wireframe software?

Since sketching wireframes is a low-fidelity style of wireframing, it's as easy as picking up a writing utensil and sketching on any surface that absorbs ink. Sketching is also a great method for getting down ideas that strike at the most unexpected times or to visualize as a team brainstorms ideas out loud. However, the biggest disadvantage is that it is "quick n' dirty" which means that the level of interactivity is non existent except for pointing at certains sketches or making multiple sketches on different pages to mimic moving to a different page in the app/website. Overall, it is great for speed and brainstorms, but provide very little details.

With wireframing software, a plethora of options are at your finger tips. There are also many different sites and softwares to choose from depending on how high fidelity you want your prototype. With wireframing software, the level of interactivity can vary greatly from basic shape blocking to creating clickable wireframes that very closely mimic a user using the actual website. However, with a plethora of options comes a plethora of work and indecision. High fidelity prototype require an acute attention to detail, which can slow down a brainstorm or creative flow if you have to meticulously adjust every detail as you change things up. Overall it is great for detail, but will slow you down.

Write a paragraph on which type of wireframing style would work best with your project and why.

When creating wireframes for past projects, I have used a variety of different wireframing methods ranging from low fidelity sketches to high fidelity, full color, and interactive wireframes. I prefer to use a happy medium between low and high fidelity by using presentation software like Powerpoint or Google Slides at its most basic capabilities of using gray boxes to block content without having to worry about a color palette. From there, I can edit it later to add in a color palette, add in text, and add in icons, then copy it over into a high fidelity wireframing and prototyping software like Figma, which I am a big fan of.


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