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Captain America

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About the Cap

Born to Irish immigrant parents in 1920, Steve Rogers aka Captain America was a part of a U.S. military experiment where he was injected with a "super soldier serum" that resulted in giving him super strength and fighting abilities. After being the face of the U.S. army during WWII, Rogers endured a plane crash and was frozen for decades until he was recovered by the Avengers, which he eventually joined to help fight the present world (and out of this world) enemies that plagued the Earth. In Chris Evans' portrayal of Captain America in Disney Marvel films, he and the rest of the Avengers encounter world altering challenges that eventually lead to Rogers sacrificing his youth to return the Infinity Stones to their proper place, and he lives out his days peacefully with his first love, Peggy Carter, whom he first met when he was recruited to fight in WWII.

Captain America: We Want You!

In the comics and films, Captain America is portrayed as an "All-American" guy who would do anything to keep his country safe. In the Disney Marvel Films, actor Chris Evans portrays Captain America as a guy who came from humble beginnings but has a heart of gold and would do anything to protect those he loves and the well-being of the citizens he serves. I feel like if he were to run for president in the current age, he would be overwhelmingly accepted and have a calm and level head when dealing with the injustices that happen in our country daily. Since he endured WWII and saw how dispicable humans can be when the quest for power consumes them, he would make sure to stick up for those who face discrimination daily and actually put plans into action that will have a positive impact on the world instead of just sitting around and making false promises.

Campaign Platforms

Because of his extensive campiagning during WWII through television and rallies, Rogers would want to stick to his "old-fashioned" roots by using these campaign platforms to gather support. However, because of his clout as an Avenger, news will spread fast all over the major social media platforms which would aid in his campaign without him having to put in the extra work and money with his campaign team to cater to social media. While he would recieve a lot of flack from his campaign team about not alotting any funds to social media campaigning strategies and be highly avoidant of all social media interactions, I feel like this would be an interesting campaign move and boost supporter and voter turnout since people will only hear from him on tv or in person at a campaign rally.